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In retailing, great products aren't enough to make the sale.  Displays have to be inviting and prices easy to find.  With the innovative packaging designs and unique display options available today, your sales staff is relying on you more than ever to find the right shelving strips, price tag holders and other point-of-sale materials to meet their needs.  Moreover, they want the right materials for the best price--and many times they want it yesterday.

When your sales staff depends on you, you need a supplier you can depend on.  You need Salem Technologies Incorporated.  Salem Technologies brings you the complete package--high quality materials, consistent service & delivery and competitive pricing.  From the moment you call us, you'll realize the difference.

At Salem Technologies, we manufacture and distribute plastic shelving strips, price tag holders, print protectors and other custom-designed point-of-sale materials for the retail and wholesale supply industries.  With our modern, computer-controlled equipment, dedicated team of engineers and designers, and in-house tooling, we can supply the point-of-sale materials you need.

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